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My first experience using the Julia language was great. Especially because it was during the 231st AAS hack day ;)

My hack was pretty simple: make pretty pictures of Julia sets in Julia :)

According to Wikipedia, a Julia set of a complex-valued entire function , denoted as , is the smallest closed set containing at least three points which is completely invariant under (if you clearly understand what that means, please explain it to me bellow in the comments).

Julia sets can be used to create those pretty pictures (commonly known as fractals):

The code to create this “galaxy” Julia set is available on my hack-aas repository.

A very nice thing about Julia is that you can use it on Jupyter notebooks (thanks goes to Lia Corrales for telling me that), which I think makes life a lot easier for Python users.

That’s all for now folks, maybe in future I will write something else in Julia ;-)