jemdoc – example page

This page shows example jemdoc source and output side by side. (The spacing of the ‘page’ on the left is consequently incorrect.)

jemdoc – example page

Jacob Mattingley (

If the first line of the file starts with # jemdoc, special functions like menus will be used.


Here are some text features. I could link somewhere or insert a raw link to another page like download.html. I could use monospace, too.

I could write special characters like h (\) in front of those characters. Or automatically detect an email address.

Save the file as index.jemdoc, say, and simply call jemdoc index (after downloading jemdoc, of course).

Next bit, next heading level two

Getting into level three now

Why not use a list

  • to explain the way you do lists?

  • to demonstrate how a line
    break might work?

Or perhaps a

  1. Multilevel

    1. Numbered list

    2. Is more

  2. Useful?


lists, especially when there are many definitions

Can be useful

for explaining things

Finally, a few more blocks

This ‘section’ features “smart quotes”.

Simple block

This is a simple text block, with a title. Notice how the previous line has only one set of braces ({}).

Interactive Python listing
>>> print 'Interactive Python code.'
'Interactive Python code.'
Plain code block with no title.

You might need 2–3 different-sized dashes — they can be useful. Now we're done!